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Support for Caregivers

I have had over 13 calls from Seniors taking care of their parents. Trying to leave them in their home and still live close by. Some have hired caretakers to come during the day and night. But they always have a time, when the Hired person can't come in a take care of Mom or Dad. Then they call me and ask if I know of someone who could come in at last min. and sit with their parent. I propose to set up a Temporary help list of other seniors who are good people with good back ground checks to be back-up sitters, for the caregiver. We would need some volunteers as well as paid. There are cases where the caregiver cannot afford another person. Or maybe we can open more Adult day cares in the smaller towns. This problem is only going to grow as our Baby Boomers start to age and want to stay in their own home.



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