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The NEXT STEP in Dementia Care

Contact: Barbara Brock, Published Research Author. President, Communication Art, Inc.

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Health care professionals should be aware of a standardized, dementia specific, cognitive assessment that can have a dramatic affect on they care for people who are experiencing Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.


Health care professionals are missing VITAL piece of information when caring for individuals who are experiencing Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. They are not identifying memory impaired individuals CURRENT COGNITIVE STATUS.


Often times health care professionals make the assumption that because an individual with Alzheimer’s or other type of dementia MAY SPEAK WELL, therefore THEY MUST THINK WELL

Or worse yet, because an Alzheimer’s/dementia patient DOESN’T SPEAK, therefore it is assumed they have LOST THEIR ABILITY TO THINK.


This miss-match approach to assess cognition in individuals who are experiencing Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia ignites behavior problems for them, creates difficult circumstances for the care staff and sends everyone involved in a downward spiral of miss- communication right from the very beginning of the care plan process.


The question health care professionals are faced with is, how can they care for these memory impaired patients appropriately if they don’t identify the individuals CURRENT COGNITIVE STATUS, remaining skills and stage of dementia ? Something has to change!


Powerful Cognitive Assessment Helps

Answer Difficult Questions for

Health Care Professionals and

Families of Alzheimer’s and Other Dementia Patient


My name is Barbara Brock. I am one of the published research authors for a standardized, dementia specific, cognitive assessment. I have worked in the field of aging for over 19 years. I am also a seasoned national and state health educational speaker.


I thought you should know about the

Reality Comprehension Clock Test ( 1999 RCCT Brock,B., et al) and how it can

help the memory impaired individual, their family members and the patient’s health care professionals answer difficult questions such as:

How much does the patient understand?


How capable are they of taking care of themselves?


Should the patient be driving?


Can the patient understand hospital discharge instructions regarding; medication schedules, diet, hydration, sleep, exercise and follow up with health care appointments?



The RCCT is the gold standard of clock drawing tests.

The RCCT is in the National Alzheimer’s Greenfield Library and is listed on ADEAR as well.

The RCCT produces valuable information based on the patient’s RCCT score.

The RCCT's data can also help eliminate costly CARE TRANSISTIONS.

RCCT Cognitive Reporting Form bridges the gap between health care facilities, family physicians, hospitals and families.


This valuable form identifies the “Whole Person” not just their physical conditions.


The RCCT identifies the following;

Functional Age – remaining brain power in years and months

Stage of Deterioration- stage of dementia

Risk of Fall

Potential Neurological Deficits revealed in clock drawings; stroke, infections, sensory processing deficits and more.


The RCCT’s powerful data helps health care professionals develop appropriate care plans for each patient.


This information also helps families in identifying where their loved one truly is in the disease process and assists them in planning for their love one’s care and safety.


The RCCT is currently being used in a variety of health care settings: Physicians’ Offices, Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care Home Health Care, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and more.


A study featuring the use of the RCCT was published in the Chinese Journal of Rehabilitative Medicine in May 2010.


Visit website at: for additional RCCT research and published articles. Click on clock drawing examples and click on the power of the RCCT to view actual clock drawings.


The RCCT can have a dramatic impact on the care of all dementia patients.


EDUCATION: RCCT Certification. Health care professionals can become certified to administer the RCCT in live, online workshop, “Learn How To Tell More Than Time”. 4.0 professionals contact hours and certificate awarded upon completion of workshop.

Email: or call 419-865-6131 for registration and workshop information.


I sincerely believe together we can have a dramatic affect on the care of individuals with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.


This dementia specific, cognitive assessment is needed if we are going to provide QUALITY CARE to dementia populations.


I would like to speak with you.


Would you have a day and time that we could set up to discuss the Reality Comprehension Clock Test?

Please let me know.


My number is 419-865-6131 or cell is 419-265-6131

Thank You for your time.

Look forward to your reply.


Barbara Brock

Published Research Author



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